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Saturday, September 15, 2012

TGA Test Kitchen: Baked Brussels Sprouts with Romano Cheese

   I love Brussels sprouts especially when baked in the oven!  They acquire a nutty almost-sweetness that makes them amazing.  I prepared these sprouts by drizzling some extra virgin olive oil over them, just enough to coat them.  I placed them onto parchment paper, which I prefer over foil, and lightly salted them. 

     Next, they went into a 325 degree (F) oven for about 25-30 min.  Once they were cooked through and slightly caramelized on the outside I took the micro-plane to a block of Pecorino Romano cheese and tossed them around with my tongs to mix.  Finally, I shredded a little more cheese on top to form a crunchy cheesy crust and baked them for an additional 5-10 min.  The Romano should be crispy at this point.  If you don't like Brussels sprouts now, you might not have any hope. 

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