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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sinless Caprese Salad

     Some folks think that eating well involves long hours in the kitchen slaving over hot stoves and ...  well you're wrong!  Sometimes the most simple of foods are the best tasting, not to mention the best for you.  Just think how many hands and machines have molested your fast food processed crap on a bun before you get to eat it, and then think of a delicious Caprese salad, so pure and still in a form that nature would approve of (and would still recognize). 


    Now, for those of you who have never had the joy of experiencing a Caprese salad, here are a few simple instructions.  You will need a few ripe tomatoes, a ball of mozzarella cheese, some fresh basil, a little olive oil, and a nice balsamic vinegar.

     You are going to slice the tomato and mozzarella into medallions of similar size.  I tend to leave my basil whole, but you can chop or chiffonade it which is also acceptable.  Next step is the construction.  See, isn't this easy so far! 

     If you are serving these at a brunch or dinner party you can be more formal about it, or you can just have folks build their own to save you the time. 
First, lay down a slice of tomato.
Follow that with a piece of the mozzarella.

Arrange two or three fresh basil leaves on top of that, this basil came straight from the garden and is super fun and easy to grow.

       Finally repeat until you reach your desired height.  I finsihed it off with a tomato slice and a little basil garnish.  Then lighty drizzle in olive oil and balsamic vineger.  You can add a little salt or pepper to taste but at this point most of my guests are halfway done with theirs. 

     This salad is a great way to eat healthy!  Don't eat those cardboard box portions of sadness when you could be eating this well.  Give it a try and live the good life, your body will thank you later!  

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