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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cheap books for a great cause! Betterworldbooks.com

     In this modern age of computers, cell phones, and instant information I still prefer a good book!  Not that technology isn't freakin' grand and all, but I just love leafing through a good book from time to time.  I will say I mostly prefer books with pictures like my orchid encyclopedia, cookbooks, gardening guides, or most recently an origami instructional.  I tend to get through novels faster by listening to audio books which I get elsewhere.  I finished one book recently in just two weeks, only listening during my commute to and from work!  ....  but more on that later... I am getting off point. 
     Anyhow, what I was originally on about was a fantastic website called BETTERWORLDBOOKS.COM.  They are basically the eBay or amazon of new and used books, connecting sellers from around the country with buyers.  For example, tonight I purchased a book from their site and I was able to choose from 10 different sellers.  I picked someone who was relatively close to me so shipping would be quick...OH!  I forgot to mention, all of the books on betterworldbooks.com SHIP FOR FREE!   Yes FREE!!  My favorite price. 
     Now free shipping sounds like the final selling point but get this last one... they donate a book for every one you purchase*.   Kids who are unable to get books easily or can not afford them can get the gift of knowledge!  So this website not only has thousands of titles (everything I have every looked up was on here) they also give you the gift of free shipping and someone else the gift of a free book.  I will never buy a book from another place again.  I got all of my books in excellent condition USED!  You can buy new buy I like saving old books. 
      There you have it, I have said all I can about this site.  Check them out and buy a book.  Also, look at their other non-profit organizations they work with.   Cool people! 

This is a picture of the books I found in and around my living room that I
 have purchased off of betterworldbooks.com in the past year.   
All are used and all are in near perfect condition!
* This is the link to info on their book for a book program:  http://www.betterworldbooks.com/go/book-for-book

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